Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is on the Rise for Men

botoxThe constant pressure on social media and influences we are exposed to every day have an influencing effect on the decisions we take. One thing that has been on the rise is plastic surgery. Not long ago plastic surgery was loathed by the society unless it was corrective surgery. Nowadays, it is the order of the day for those who would like to change a thing in their looks.

Despite the tough economic times we are living in, the rise of plastic surgery continues to amaze. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that more than 30 million cosmetic operations were performed in 2017. The leading plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, eyelid surgeries, liposuction, nose reshaping, and facelifts.

Cosmetic surgery is now for everyone, including men and women. Men are opting to go for plastic surgery to help change their appearance and defy against the effects of aging. Here are the top reasons plastic surgery is on the rise.

Competition in the Job Market

In this current marketplace, people are trying to look fit, younger and more masculine, to increase their chances of occupying top job positions up their corporate ladder. Men are also pursuing cosmetic surgeries for issues related to their job.  Men who are taking cosmetic surgery as a tool to propel them in their career go for liposuction, skin laser resurfacing, hair restoration and blepharoplasty. Liposuction is used to reduce excess abdominal fat or fat around the breast.

A Younger Look

young lookMen involved in these many dating scenes are increasingly going for cosmetic procedures with the sole aim of attracting the right romantic partners. Some of those who opt to go for these procedures have had a turbulent past, be it an incident that happened to make them single or divorced. They want to change a thing in themselves that they didn’t like, which made them probably lose their loved ones. They go for these procedures to bring their self-confidence back in a way that makes them look younger and feel great.

Preserve Natural Looks

Men who have naturally attractive features opt to go for cosmetic surgeries with the sole aim of preserving these features and reversing the signs of aging. This is true if they work in modeling or acting industry. With these types of careers, having a youthful appearance is very important. There are a high number of male celebrities who go to greater extends to preserve their attractive looks. Top of the surgeries performed include; fillers, Botox, and skin care.

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