How to Become an Effective Communicator

communicEffective communication is a very critical leadership skill that takes a little bit of practice. As a leader in your organization, you are expected to speak effectively with stakeholders, customers, and employees. Every day in our various businesses, we are faced with the task of talking effectively to customers. I learned the art of effective communication while handling customer requests and needs at  Springfield Tow Truck. You have to ensure employees are happy with all their needs attended to.

Great communicators are much liked and more successful as they produce more value in their organizations. There is no a better time to become an effective communicator, and here are ways to go about it.


Know what you’re talking about

Great communicators are quite competent and have a broad knowledge of their areas of expertise. They are always prepared to show their audience that their communication is valuable. Great communicators also appreciate the time people spend listening to them as well as interacting with them. To become a great communicator, you must allow yourself to be respected. You need to place a high value by providing an effective and authentic communication because you want to keep the environment always engaged.


Listen more than you speak.

communicateGreat communicators will always listen more than they talk. They will never let themselves to dominate a presentation or discussion. They go ahead and ask vital questions to give the audience an opportunity to share their knowledge and express their opinions. To become a great communicator, you must give yourself the chance to listen to others in a way that you can understand what people are thinking.


Pay attention to nonverbal communication

Great communicators acknowledge the power of nonverbal cues of communication. They understand that what people say is not the most important thing in conversation, but also observing how people react to your communication. Keep an eye on tonal voice, facial expression as well as the body language of the people you are speaking with. It is obvious that nonverbal communication speaks louder than verbal communication. To become a great communicator, you must listen with your eyes and ears and pay keen attention to people’s hand movement, posture as well as the reaction of other body parts.

Understand what people say

Great communicators do not spend all the time preparing brilliant answers in their mind when someone is speaking. Instead, they ask questions to seek clarity and ensure that they fully understand their audience. To be a great communicator, focus on understanding intensely what people are communicating otherwise you will find yourself arguing and thus losing focus. Always check to seek understanding and avoid miscommunications, assumptions, and misunderstandings.


Beware of misunderstandings

Great communicators realize all sources miscommunications that would otherwise bring about miscommunication. Watch all differences systematically regarding how a person reacts as well as expectations regarding reactions expected across different people. Watch all alignment of words be it the message, tonal voice as well as body language. When nonverbal communication lacks consistency, communic

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