How to Reinvent Yourself

wake upJust because everything in your life is running smoothly doesn’t mean it’s going to last. You may dream of starting a new towing service business, you could move across the country, you may change jobs and need to take time to adjust among other things. Things in life may happen that will completely turn your life upside down. Everything is going to change because things must change. When this change happens, which side shall you be after?

If you are looking forward to reinvent yourself, here are some things you can do about it.


Do you really want to change?

You can never get anything unless you really want to get it. There are some times in our lives we are forced to reinvent ourselves against our wishes. If such happens, such reinventing may not have a huge impact. A business may fail, you may be laid off from work and if such happens, you will have to seek ways to survive. You should never lie idle and in a comfort zone to wait for a change to push you to the corner.


Wake up early


Most people are never super early ones. When you wake up early, you will realize you have a lot of time on your side to utilize as you so deserve. When you wake up early, you are better prepared to prioritize all the tasks before you. Reinventing yourself will not happen overnight. You have to work hard and let systems fall into place. Take the required dedication and patience and let transformation run smoothly. You need to prioritize your goals and tasks by setting a to-do list.


Stick with the right people

You need to attach yourself to the right people. Today, the world is interconnected than ever and it can be very easy to make the right networks. Look for people who can help to push yourself to the next step. You should never stop learning. It can be attending a workshop, a webinar or reading a book, just anything that enhances your knowledge. Lifelong learning makes you more motivated and prepares you to handle challenges in life. Find a mentor, someone who you can trust to guide you on how things are done. Be more of a listener than a speaker, when you are next to your mentor. The good thing with mentors is that they shorten your learning period because they are full of past experiences which can help propel you forward.

How to Become an Effective Communicator

communicEffective communication is a very critical leadership skill that takes a little bit of practice. As a leader in your organization, you are expected to speak effectively with stakeholders, customers, and employees. Every day in our various businesses, we are faced with the task of talking effectively to customers. I learned the art of effective communication while handling customer requests and needs at  Springfield Tow Truck. You have to ensure employees are happy with all their needs attended to.

Great communicators are much liked and more successful as they produce more value in their organizations. There is no a better time to become an effective communicator, and here are ways to go about it.


Know what you’re talking about

Great communicators are quite competent and have a broad knowledge of their areas of expertise. They are always prepared to show their audience that their communication is valuable. Great communicators also appreciate the time people spend listening to them as well as interacting with them. To become a great communicator, you must allow yourself to be respected. You need to place a high value by providing an effective and authentic communication because you want to keep the environment always engaged.


Listen more than you speak.

communicateGreat communicators will always listen more than they talk. They will never let themselves to dominate a presentation or discussion. They go ahead and ask vital questions to give the audience an opportunity to share their knowledge and express their opinions. To become a great communicator, you must give yourself the chance to listen to others in a way that you can understand what people are thinking.


Pay attention to nonverbal communication

Great communicators acknowledge the power of nonverbal cues of communication. They understand that what people say is not the most important thing in conversation, but also observing how people react to your communication. Keep an eye on tonal voice, facial expression as well as the body language of the people you are speaking with. It is obvious that nonverbal communication speaks louder than verbal communication. To become a great communicator, you must listen with your eyes and ears and pay keen attention to people’s hand movement, posture as well as the reaction of other body parts.

Understand what people say

Great communicators do not spend all the time preparing brilliant answers in their mind when someone is speaking. Instead, they ask questions to seek clarity and ensure that they fully understand their audience. To be a great communicator, focus on understanding intensely what people are communicating otherwise you will find yourself arguing and thus losing focus. Always check to seek understanding and avoid miscommunications, assumptions, and misunderstandings.


Beware of misunderstandings

Great communicators realize all sources miscommunications that would otherwise bring about miscommunication. Watch all differences systematically regarding how a person reacts as well as expectations regarding reactions expected across different people. Watch all alignment of words be it the message, tonal voice as well as body language. When nonverbal communication lacks consistency, communic

How to Raise your Self Esteem and Confidence

confidenceOne of the things that hold people back from being able to pursue their dreams is fear of failure. At one time in our lives, we have all faced fear. It is not bad to experience that kind of feeling. The most important thing is how to overcome fear. One of the easy ways to overcome fear involves self-esteem and confidence. Your negative thoughts can be enough to knock you down to square one. Nobody is born with limitless self-confidence, we all grow it with time. When you see someone having an incredibly high self-confidence, it is because they have worked on building it over the years.

Low Self Esteem

People with a low self-esteem seem to see the world as a very hostile place and consider themselves as victims. Due to this reason, they become reluctant to express themselves and assert any authority they may have. They miss on experiences and opportunities and feel powerless over making a change. All these factors lower their self-esteem further making them more vulnerable.

If you suffer zero confidence and low self-esteem, the road to your redemption is not closed. There are a number of things you can do to boost it. If you want to grow your self-confidence, here are important tips you need to follow.

Groom Yourself

Remember you do not have control over other people’s taste. You should thus focus on staying true to yourself. Groom yourself and dress nicely. Take a good time in the shower to groom yourself. Grooming and dressing nicely can be an instant boost to your self-confidence. If you look good, you will feel good and this can help in boosting confidence in yourself. You don’ know who you will bump into, so always be ready.

Visualize Your Confidence

Always remember that you can have anything you always want to have in life if you give up that belief that you can’t have it. Flex fully your imagination muscles and visualize important things before they happen in your life. Try to visualize these events as much as you can and think about how you would want it to be. Focus your imaginations on how well things will be. When you put this focus, you set yourself on a path of confidence as it will help you behave more confidently too.

Think Positively

You need to think positively to kill any negative thoughts. Talk to yourself with confidence like you would talk to someone you love. If you had to do something but you had to fight the inner little voice, that’s the negative thought you need to do away with. When the voice of negative self-talk grows, the voice of confidence and strength diminishes. The key to overcoming negative thought is through positive thinking. Say yes to yourself and eliminate all negative thoughts.

Put in the hours and time needed in doing something you are confident about. The moment you doubt if you can do something, you cease completely to be able to do it. To be confident in something, you must thoroughly practice it.

Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is on the Rise for Men

botoxThe constant pressure on social media and influences we are exposed to every day have an influencing effect on the decisions we take. One thing that has been on the rise is plastic surgery. Not long ago plastic surgery was loathed by the society unless it was corrective surgery. Nowadays, it is the order of the day for those who would like to change a thing in their looks.

Despite the tough economic times we are living in, the rise of plastic surgery continues to amaze. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that more than 30 million cosmetic operations were performed in 2017. The leading plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, eyelid surgeries, liposuction, nose reshaping, and facelifts.

Cosmetic surgery is now for everyone, including men and women. Men are opting to go for plastic surgery to help change their appearance and defy against the effects of aging. Here are the top reasons plastic surgery is on the rise.

Competition in the Job Market

In this current marketplace, people are trying to look fit, younger and more masculine, to increase their chances of occupying top job positions up their corporate ladder. Men are also pursuing cosmetic surgeries for issues related to their job.  Men who are taking cosmetic surgery as a tool to propel them in their career go for liposuction, skin laser resurfacing, hair restoration and blepharoplasty. Liposuction is used to reduce excess abdominal fat or fat around the breast.

A Younger Look

young lookMen involved in these many dating scenes are increasingly going for cosmetic procedures with the sole aim of attracting the right romantic partners. Some of those who opt to go for these procedures have had a turbulent past, be it an incident that happened to make them single or divorced. They want to change a thing in themselves that they didn’t like, which made them probably lose their loved ones. They go for these procedures to bring their self-confidence back in a way that makes them look younger and feel great.

Preserve Natural Looks

Men who have naturally attractive features opt to go for cosmetic surgeries with the sole aim of preserving these features and reversing the signs of aging. This is true if they work in modeling or acting industry. With these types of careers, having a youthful appearance is very important. There are a high number of male celebrities who go to greater extends to preserve their attractive looks. Top of the surgeries performed include; fillers, Botox, and skin care.

What to Consider Before Having Plastic Surgery

surgeryA decision to undergo plastic surgery is one that requires careful planning and consideration. It is not something that is taken as lightly as you may think. It is imperative that patients get the vital information needed to help them make a sober decision. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise, and a lot of celebrities and media personalities are fueling it.

Due to the changes in technology, the cosmetic industry has drastically grown over the last two decades. Many people are now turning to plastic surgery on a daily basis as a way of fixing certain aspects of their body. Before you decide to have surgery, there are a couple of things you need to get right.

Health Status

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you are healthy enough to have the plastic surgery. Ensure that you disclosure your full health status to your doctor, to ascertain if you are medically fit to undergo the knife. Your plastic surgeon will not be able to give an accurate assessment of your state if you do not fully disclose your health status.

The Name of the Procedure

First, you need to know the name of the procedure and what it involves. Knowing the name of the procedure is very different from knowing what it entails. You do not necessarily need to understand the in-depth aspects of the process, but you should certainly know the basics of what it involves. You should also seek to see if it is the correct procedure for you or not.

Associated Risks

What are the risks associated with the procedure you are about to undertake? As anticipated, things typically go well with plastic surgery. However, you need to understand that some complications may arise from a particular procedure. One of the common difficulties that may occur is an infection.  You may also have some scars resulting from the process. Some of these scars may not end up as a thin, fine line but may keep on widening. Another issue associated with plastic surgery is that you may not be happy with the final results.

Your Expectations

What are you looking forward to achieving out of the plastic surgery? An apparent expectation would be an improvement in a particular body type. Another hope may be a boost in self-confidence. Before you commit to undergo a surgery, you should know the limitations of your expectations so that you don’t get disappointing for expectations not met.